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Creating urban gardens for city dwellers

Urban, City & Townhouse Garden Design in London

For anyone who lives in London even the tiniest patch of outside space is something to cherish and enjoy. Hampstead Garden Design have created many wonderful outdoor spaces for city dwellers who crave an urban garden to relax in.

We have a wealth of experience in Town House garden design to maximise the usability of your garden space, whatever the size, shape or aspect of your outdoor area. Whether you have a shady, slim, Victorian side return or an overlooked back garden plot, we can help you to make the most of your garden space, using thoughtful and imaginative planning, good use of plants and clever visual techniques.

We can help you with the effective use of lighting to extend the time you can enjoy your garden, or with designing vertical surfaces, such as green walls, which will maximise the surface areas. We will work with you to create an oasis of peace, calm and tranquillity in even the most built up of areas.

Urban & Town House Garden Design: Small, medium or large?

Your urban space could be a small garden area, a simple terrace or an accessible roof in which you want to create a garden. Or it could be a large garden which you feel has become overgrown, neglected and unmanageable. Many London properties have good sized garden plots, where there is ample room to explore different options.

The starting point will always be:

  1. How would you like to use your outdoor space?
  2. Does the plot have any challenges or constraints?

When designing a garden, the most important starting point is to look at the available space with the client and discuss how this could be used. Often there are practical considerations such as the topography of the space, is it thin, shady or overlooked? Would you like to improve your privacy, so that you are less overlooked by neighbouring houses?

Here are some things to consider when planning the perfect urban garden design:

How will the space be used? Would you like a space for alfresco dining for you and the family, BBQs on the weekend with groups of friends, relaxing in the sun or a shady spot to escape the sun? Do you have young children, pets or someone who would find steps dffcult? The answer to this first question will help to shape the decisions which need to follow.

Where is your garden space located? If the garden is at ground floor level, is there access from the side of the house or do you need to access the space through your property? This is particularly important when considering features which you would like to incorporate in the creation of your new garden design.

If the outdoor space is a terrace or roof then again, considering how you will access the garden is a very important. Will you need an irrigation system, where will you store gardening tools and equipment and how will you take away garden waste?

The layout of your new garden. This will depend on what you want to do in your urban garden, whether you want to create a place to sit and enjoy the sun, a space for the children and pets to play safely or a dining space for entertaining. If you are planning a patio seating area, you need to consider where this will be, how large an area you will need and will this take advantage of the best views from your garden? Would you like your seating area to be in the sun or shade and where is the best spot for this?

What style of garden would you prefer, traditional and formal, urban and contemporary or intimate and cosy? Would you like a cosy, cottage style garden, a sleek urban retreat, a formal garden with structures such as arbours and trellises? Whatever you decide will begin to dictate the type of hard finishes and planting you might want to consider to create the desired look and feel. Hampstead Garden Design will work with you to help you define the style you are looking for.

Services and lighting: Too often urban garden spaces are abandoned for many months of the year because daylight has faded by the time you return home from work. With a little forethought you can create simple lighting effects to allow you to extend the time you can spend enjoying your outdoor space. Even if you are sitting inside your home, good lighting can extend your enjoyment of the outdoors from within.

The budget: Your available budget for your garden development is an important consideration. If you are planning to landscape and remodel the garden, perhaps change levels or create useable space from a sloping or difficult area or reinforce the building structure to allow you to use the roof, these works can be expensive. It is important to decide what you would like to spend from the outset

Hampstead Garden Design: Creating urban gardens across London

Hampstead Garden Design have over 10 years of experience in creating wonderful Town House gardens. If the thought of working your way through all of these questions and finding the answers, is overwhelming, we are here to help.

Hampstead Garden Design have created beautiful urban gardens over many years and can work with you and your ideas to design a garden which caters for all of your requirements.

If you would like to discuss your ideas to plan and develop your outdoor space then contact Hampstead Garden Designs for an informal talk about what you would like to create.

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