Modern & Contemporary Garden Design
Clean lines & calm spaces in which to relax

Contemporary Garden Design in London

A modern or contemporary garden design often has sharp lines which are used to define spaces or areas and is frequently characterised by a general absence of the use of symmetry. Modern and Contemporary garden styles are usually based on geometric layouts which use scale and proportion to add ‘drama’ to the space.

Architecture plays at least as big a role as planting in contemporary garden design. Sunken gardens, solid structures, such as pergolas, are often used in a modern styled garden.

The palette of hard landscaping materials used in paving, walls and seating areas is often understated and minimalistic. Limestones, sawn sandstone, concrete and porcelain paving offer smooth clean lines and surfaces that work well to create simple backdrops for the plants. Planting is often simpler and more architectural than in a traditional garden design.

What are the characteristics and features of Contemporary Garden Design:

Use of clean, sharp lines

Smooth materials like sawn stone, limestone, concrete, glass and steel

A more minimalistic planting palette

Use of ‘scale’ and ‘proportion to build drama and interest in the space

Extensions of the internal space, where the house interior blends with the garden outside, using a continuation of materials from indoor to out

Firepits and outdoor fireplaces are another popular feature in current contemporary gardens

Lighting can be used very effectively in contemporary garden design. At night the garden can be a dramatic backdrop to the internal life of the property.

Furniture and seating will often echo the clean lines of the contemporary design. Built in seating creates areas in which to lounge and relax or entertain.

What style of property does a Contemporary Garden best work with?

A contemporary garden works well with a newer property but the simplicity of modern design can also enhance more traditional properties. A modern garden can help to accentuate the beautiful architecture and details of a classical building and so the two can work together giving a cool relaxed, uncluttered outlook.

What are the advantages of Contemporary Gardens over Traditional Gardens?

One of the considerations you may want to make when deciding on the design of garden will be the pros and cons of certain specific styles.

Advantages of a contemporary garden design:

Lower maintenance: but not necessarily ‘low maintenance’. Contemporary gardens will often have more hard landscaping that more traditional styles of garden such as cottage or formal garden design. Larger areas of hard surfaces such as paving and decking will mean less lawn care.

Hard wearing: where lawns and beds need constant maintenance, and can show signs of wear, contemporary gardens can be harder wearing needing less day to day maintenance.

Extending your enjoyment of the garden; even in wet or cold weather, good use of cover, firepits and hard flooring can allow the garden to be used in all seasons.

Disadvantages of contemporary garden design:

Wear & Tear: Hard landscaped surfaces such as pale coloured paving and wooden decking may need to be jet-washed regularly to keep the space looking clean and calm.

Expense: The hard landscaping element of contemporary gardens can sometimes be quite expensive to install correctly which is important to ensure a long life.

Child unfriendly: Hard surfaces, expanses of water, sharp edges and stepped levels. Some features of contemporary design may not be as child friendly as a more traditional design with lawn and soft bed planting.

Fixed features: Unlike some more traditional designs, contemporary garden designs may have quite a number of ‘fixed features’ which can make adapting the design at a later date more difficult or costly.

Dated or out of fashion: One consideration might be to avoid ‘current’ fashions’ or ‘gimmicks’ that may date or fall out of fashion. Consider if you will always want to live with large or striking features or design statements, will they remain practical or will they become an issue?

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