Low Maintenance Garden Design London
Easy to care for and lower maintenance gardens

Easy to care for and Lower Maintenance Garden Design

When you want a beautiful outdoor space, but you don’t have the time or the desire to spend hours maintaining it, planting, watering, weeding and mowing, Hampstead Garden Design can help you create the perfect easy to care for, low maintenance garden.

Hampstead Garden Design: Low maintenance doesn’t have to mean uninspired

If you think that the only solution for having a low maintenance garden is to design one with lots of concrete, paving and artificial turf, then think again.

One of the first things that we like to do is to find out more about how you and your family want to use the outdoor space you have.

Whether you want to sit and relax in the sun whilst surrounded by nature and beauty or to give the children somewhere to run around and play, there are lots of ways of eliminating some of the tasks which make maintaining a lovely outdoor space a chore or time consuming.

Clever Garden Design: Ways to reduce the time and effort needed to maintain your garden:

With careful design and planning we can design ‘out’ many of the tasks that your garden may have required you to perform in the past. Clever design will also enhance the space making it even more enjoyable year-round.

Hard Surfaces: Create attractive hard wearing areas that integrate with your lawn, beds and borders. By replacing some of the lawn with hard surfaces in the form of paved patios and terraces, you can reduce the area which needs to be mowed, weeded and watered, whilst still having a lovely space from which to enjoy your green and planted areas.

Plant choice: Many plants, such as evergreen herbaceous perennials and shrubs, are easy to maintain and give year round interest and colour. We will work with you to design a beautiful planting scheme for your garden which won’t need lots of attention. We can also include drought tolerant plants which won’t require frequent watering.

Fake It: Replace lawns with good quality artificial grass. Nowadays the quality and appearance of artificial lawn is so good that you can barely tell it apart from the real thing. If you have young children who run, jump and kick around balls, you will find that your ‘astro lawn’ will look far better than your poor natural lawn, at the end of a hectic weekend of outdoor play. Artificial lawn is also a useful option in shaded areas of the garden, where grass may struggle and may need to be reseeded frequently.

Go Wild: Allow an area of your garden to become a ‘wilderness’ by letting the grass grow long and giving wild flowers space to seed. This can add a striking new dimension to your garden, attracting wildlife such as birds and insects which will give your garden new life.

Less is more: Avoid planting in pots, troughs and planters which need frequent watering and increase the need for maintenance.

Install a self-watering or irrigation system: Watering a large garden can take hours of your time each week. We design irrigation systems that can cut the time you need to spend watering.

Hampstead Garden Design: Low maintenance and easy to care for gardens

You may have a specific need for a low maintenance garden. Perhaps you love gardening and have the time but find it harder to kneel or do the heavier lifting jobs that your current garden requires.

Perhaps you travel and find that you need a garden that can be left for a few weeks at a time without the need for watering, pruning and weeding. When designing your garden, we will take into account how you want to use the space and can design it to ensure that many of the areas are low maintenance.

A clever planting plan can reduce the need for pruning and weeding leaving you more time to sit and enjoy the garden.

Hampstead Garden Design: For wonderful lower maintenance gardens

Hampstead Garden Design have over 10 years of experience in creating wonderful easy to care for and lower maintenance gardens in and around London. Clever ideas to create beautiful spaces for you to enjoy. If you would like to discuss your ideas to plan and develop an easy to care for or lower maintenance garden contact Hampstead Garden Designs for an informal talk.