Garden Redesign After House Renovation:
Putting your garden back together after the builders have left

Garden Redesign Services After House Renovations

If you are going through or have recently been through the process of house refurbishment, you may well be counting the cost of the damage to your garden. During building works the garden is often used as a storage, assembly and dumping ground for the contractors.

Even if you ask them to be mindful of the garden, the chances are that house refurbishment work will have a negative impact on the health and appearance of your garden.

Hampstead Garden Design: Completing your house renovation by refurbishing your garden

Once you have completed the house refurbishment, the inner space will look wonderful and reflect exactly the way you want to live indoors, but what about your outdoor spaces?

Very often clients come to us when they have completed their house refurbishment, realising that now the garden which they once loved looks less wonderful. This can be as a result of the wear and tear during the months of internal work which spilled out onto the garden or because now that the interiors are looking so perfect, they are emphasising the fact that the garden is a little tired and in need of a refurbishment itself.

Garden Redesign after House Refurbishment: A case study

Our clients in Hampstead Garden Suburb decided to redesign and renovate their garden after extensive refurbishment of their grade II listed home. Whilst the garden had once been much loved by the previous owners, the planting had become overgrown, and the paving surfaces were dated and had fallen into disrepair. And during building works, their contractor had needed to use the garden for storage of waste and materials…

In short, the garden badly needed to be redesigned and refreshed. The clients wanted to redesign the garden to be more of a space that reflected their current and future needs, whilst still retaining its essence and quiet beauty. They wanted a place for entertaining friends outdoors, combined with areas to sit quietly and relax. They also wanted to include a luscious green lawn and full and flowing planting beds. This was particularly important as the property is in a conservation area, where soft landscaping and planting are protected.

Working with local planners and conservation bodies, we redesigned the garden to create a space which would work for our clients into the future. We created new patio seating areas, paved with a traditional natural sandstone which complemented the period property. The remodelling of the house had allowed the removal of an old outbuilding and this created the perfect space for a new tucked away seating area. Many of the existing shrubs and trees were retained, including a beautiful, mature wisteria. These were sensitively pruned and included in the new planting design. The finished garden is refreshed and updated, whilst still being very much in keeping with the traditional style of the property.

Hampstead Garden Design: Garden Redesign after Interior renovations

If you are contemplating undergoing a renovation project or your garden has suffered following your interior refurbishment, bring your garden up to the interior standards by renovating your outdoor space. Hampstead Garden Design often work with interior designers and architects to complete the property renovation and develop the outdoor space to complement the work carried out indoors. Contact Hampstead Garden Design to discuss your garden redesign project.